Vacation in France

Vladimir Shablya

What kind of music we love? The formation of musical taste. Article 4 of the series 'creation of new songs and music' The author – Vladimir Shablya person likes to receive pleasure: the pleasures of love we are the best and the first man on Earth so arranged, that he likes to receive pleasure. For the love of pleasure, and especially the number and sophistication of the methods of obtaining the pleasures we have left far behind all other creatures living on Earth. For treats people working hard and doing nothing makes a brilliant discovery and drunk as a lord, gives birth to children and decided to kill. For fun "at risk" have to pay health, freedom, punishment, lack of pleasure.

For some pleasure, or desire for him having to pay health, freedom, punishment, lack of pleasure. It's fun out of "risk groups". Not all people agree to pay for such pleasure. These dissenters are often preferred not to risk it, but concentrate mainly on getting the harmless pleasures. Love music – one of the most affordable, safe and fun fun. Perhaps one of the most inoffensive and accessible, but at the same time sufficiently effective ways of having fun are music and songs. Why music is harmless? Yes, if only because it leaves so much room for interpretation, the interpretation of a specific person, it is virtually impossible "to grab the hand of man" for the creation or execution of certain melodies (as is sometimes done with writers and poets). So it turns out that love music – one of the most secure and exciting ways. To love music, it is necessary to know and feel. There is truth "but": to love music, it should at least know a little bit and feel. How he loved to repeat

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