Vacation in France

Watercolors .

Mixture on the palette in watercolors drawn as well as in oil painting. What are the three basic techniques of watercolor. Method of cleaning. The first stage is heavily diluted with water colors (spot color work). Second – enhanced color tone. Third – is completely transmitted color and details are entered. Each new layer is applied on an already dried.

The edges of the strokes can be mitigated with a damp clean brush. Rough paper will thus saturated and transparent layers of paint. Way of working "on the raw." Each swab apply close to the previous one, while he had not yet dried out, while grabbing some nearby. Obtained a smooth transition. This should be done, of course, quickly closing the entire sheet before drying patches of color. A few drops of glycerin in a glass of water will slow down the process of drying.

Another way to work "on a wet". First, the entire sheet is covered with clean water and allow to dry. Write on wet sheet to give soft color transitions. Applicable here, and mixed media, you can pour one color to another, or to weaken its semi-brush. Failed plots corrected with a clean damp brush. If any of watercolor techniques observed a sequence of color solutions "from general to specific and back to the general."

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