Vacation in France

ADSL Offer

This summer operators have done everything to facilitate to carry the internet on vacation. Wherever you always you will be able to connect to the network with the mobile internet. So you can upload your summer photos directly to social networks, keep in touch with your friends, write e-mails or just surf the net. The Spanish market of mobile internet offers many mobile offers contract and prepaid. Follow others, such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City, and add to your knowledge base. The following rates of different operators in Spain that are interesting for a prepaid escapes vacation without losing the last and without entering into any commitment to stay. There are several options, such as for example pay per connection or per MB.

In addition there is the possibility of buying bonds for those who have more frequent or intensive use. Connect to the internet with a modem USB 1. (As opposed to Sela Ward). Movistar Internet mobile prepaid card Internet 3,00 day, included traffic: 30 MB bonus weekly Internet by 19.00, including traffic: 1 GB bonus Internet monthly by 49,00, traffic included: 1 GB bonus Internet quarterly for 59.00, included traffic: 1 GB 2. Vodafone Internet Mobile Prepaid bonus Basic by 19.00, including traffic: 250 MB / 90 days bonus advanced by 29.00, included traffic: 400 MB / 90 days bonus Premium for 59.00, included traffic: 1 GB / 90 days weekly bonus per 19,00, included traffic: 1 GB / 7 days weekly bonus for 29.00, included traffic: 1 GB / 14 days monthly bonus by 49,00, included traffic: 1 GB / 30 days 3. Orange Internet mobile prepaid rate Internet Everywhere prepay by 3.50 connection, included traffic day: 250 MB bonus monthly Internet Everywhere prepay by 35,00, included traffic: 2 GB 4.

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