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With mobile phone masts in the growth market, invest the fact, the question of dealing with radio spectrum released that now employs the EU, clearly shows the enormous demand. In Germany the largest package of free radio spectrum will be auctioned on 12 April with great interest by T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and E-plus. And while the network providers operate their own infrastructure with cell phone towers in Germany, this business in the United States has outsourced for years. From this gigantic growth market, investors with the BAC can now benefit InfrTrust funds. The subjective degradation of mobile radio is an objective. Because more and more people take advantage of iPhone, BlackBerry and NetBook and thus generate a constantly increasing volume of data transfer. The operators of mobile phone networks do little more. Kevin James takes a slightly different approach. In order to understand an image: one on an iPhone respected, lasting only a few minutes film, produced in about the data volume of 500,000 SMS.

Where no sufficient capacity available, data will be not transferred. This suffers from of course the simple user of a mobile phone. With views of the United States can already see from where the journey is headed. There the data transfer volume between 2006 and 2009 almost 5,000 percent has increased with the provider AT & T, which exclusively publishes the iPhone in the United States. With corresponding effects regarding the infrastructure of the country. So, for example, the four largest mobile operator for this year plan 25,000 additional mobile radio antennas, deal with the growing volume of data transfer. While there are more and more”services, as offered by, for example, the iPhone, allowing fast mobile data transfer volume in the height, explains Oliver Schulz as Managing Director of BAC Berlin Atlantic capital GmbH from Berlin.

His company specializes in the American mobile radio and offers investment in American infrastructure fund. The necessary network has the BAC on the spot, so in the United States, rising in recent years and expanded. While investors, participate simply put, on cell phone towers and benefit from the possibility to rent the antenna sites on mobile phone companies. The great advantage of this: In the United States territorial protection is for the owners of such masts. First, all antenna sites are rented on a mast, another provider of mobile phone masts in the same broadcasting area can build a mast. For this reason it is the negotiated lease usually long-term. The high demand due to the already visible infrastructural deficiency in many parts of the United States offers a high income security. This also ensures that the BAC equipped with InfrTrust funds with good opportunities risks structure and thereby constitute a useful addition to the balance of investment portfolio. The mobile data transfer volume will continue to grow dramatically in the coming years. In Europe, therefore the competition for free frequencies continues further. The United States rely BAC Berlin Atlantic regarding the solution of the infrastructure on specialized companies such as the Capital GmbH. investors have the chance to benefit from this growing market with the BAC InfrTrust Fund exclusively. More information under:

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