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Duty Black Ops Progress

Treyarch wants to prove that it is not the poorly considered segundona when developing new releases of the video game Call of Duty franchise; After an outstanding Big Red One, a more than correct Call of Duty 3, and an outstanding World at War, Black Ops promises to be the best Call of Duty, or at least, the most complete. Set in the cold war and in all armed conflicts that arose from it, we control agents Mason and Hudson, members of a special operations group called Sog must perform missions covert aimed to maintain the balance between the Communist and capitalist, block operations that, by its harshness and special importance, have remained on the margins of history. Black Ops will be a complete game in all senses, starting with the way history. To the already itself common peliculero development, must be added the special interest of Treyarch to grant maturity to the saga, focusing, above all, to recreate scenes especially harsh and dramatic, to the point that many of them have had to be reviewed by the own Treyarch due to its extreme harshness. The war is first and foremost, death and desolation, and there is no reason to make up those feelings.

But as many are waiting for, it is the online mode where this game is intended to give the Bell. The two major developments can be summarized in two concepts: customization and monetary resources. Jorge Perez is often quoted on this topic. In the first case, the powerful game editor allows us not only customize our soldier and their respective weapons, also create, even a logo itself to represent our clan in fun contests online. In the case of monetary resources, Black Ops us rewards in each match won or objective achieved, with virtual money in addition to the typical points of experience. With this virtual money can buy lots of improvements for our team, and if we want to take a chance, bet in fun and original game modes, such as one in which we will fight under extreme conditions, armed with a simple knife and a pistol with a single bullet. If this little, outside again the cooperative mode with the zombies as protagonists, and a new offline mode that allows us to practice before we go to the intense and demanding ways online, massacring or being massacred by variable artificial intelligence bots. Also you can find video games in music videos and music videos in original author and source of the article.

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