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Osho grandmaster from India, was passionate about reading, his personal library stored more than 150 thousand books, Osho claimed to have read all those books that dwelt in his personal library, his passions were philosophy, religion, literature, poetry and science in general. His father said that the House went from a House with library to a library with home. Osho said that you reading without any purpose, only for reading. In 1980 left to read, not read newspapers or news, or listened to radio, he said that he no longer needed read, he had found his truth. At Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City you will find additional information. Its major teachings can be found in more than 100 books and more than 100 meditation techniques. His books are the product of conferences, speeches or questions that his disciples did and than him toward all an apology for the topic.

There are born Osho books, compiled by his disciples and his Foundation. His books leave great teachings, tells up to fun and easy way and explains thousands of questions we ask human beings. Simple shape no major philosophical tangle, gives response to many concerns of his disciples. Author: the source for more info. Osho said: Please don’t try to understand me intellectually. I’m not an intellectual, in fact I’m anti-intellectual. I’m not a philosopher, I am very anti-filosofico. It is understand me. Listen in silence without internal chatter, without internal conversation, without evaluating.

I’m not saying you believe what I say, I’m not saying accept what I say. I am saying that there is no need to hurry to accept or reject. At least first hear. For what such a hurry? When you look at a rose, perhaps you accept it or reject it? When you see a beautiful sunset, do you think OK it or reject it? You simply look, and in that same look there is an encounter if what I am saying contains some truth, it will be understood by your heart. But the mind has to give up. And then you won’t change your life accordingly, your life will change by itself. In difficult moments of life that we we journey humans, a book by Osho It makes a difference, personally has helped me a lot, its philosophy and techniques of meditation. View books of Osho and the self-esteem to learn more about Osho and his books! Books I’ve read of him, my favorites are the following (encuentralos in our blog!): and rained flowers here and now the book of nothing the ABCs of lighting the book of women of the man the book of the balance between the mind and the body child book the path of Tao the Supreme Alchemy fear meditation goose mustard seed is the great challenge the art vacuum pot out of dying tree of love book of the mysteries wisdom of life experience Tantric original author and source of the article.

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