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Quality Management

The work itself is an essential element in the quality of life of the individual, and this is so because “the relationship of man to himself only is objective and real for him through his relationship with another man, and precisely in the workplace where these relationships have the highest materialization. Consider Gonzalez tells us that the quality of working life is the spiritual satisfaction of the man with the work that reached its peak when the work becomes its first necessity of life, the state in which human motivation is the pure pleasure and the work they do, is intrinsically rewarding and where consciousness merges with their actions and lost track of time and space. /,br>
The essential factor for high job satisfaction is in the richness of the content of the work being done and where intellectual elements are present, initiative, creativity, autonomy, variability and difficulty, and therefore, the individual must put maximum tension in the use of their work capacity. In fact, now facing a property of a very turbulent Venezuelan scenario, risky, uncertain, you can not avoid a commitment to ensure compliance with corporate social responsibility based on the quality of working life. for this, for example, graduate program specializing in Quality Management and Productivity, University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, through the department of organizational behavior, has found that its participants delve into the knowledge and basic tools necessary to ensure in the exercise of their profession to respect, maintain a quality of working life, according to the needs of workers, ensuring that their functions, performance is manifest in a good productivity, job satisfaction, sense of belonging, team building , achievements for the company, something that can be checked with the scope of an organizational climate that encourages organizational behavior of the company.

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