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Sziget Festival

Balloons by Maxballoon for Festival sponsors the Sziget Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Europe, held in Budapest from August 9 to 16. The music event attracts thousands of visitors like a magnet and waited again this year offering a rich program. Giant advertising balloons of Maxballoon GmbH, which were produced for sponsors of the festival such as screwdriver, K & H, and Pringles were the most attractive and most prominent advertising on the Festival. The large helium balloons with inner lighting were specifically placed at different points of the festival area. The helium balloon with a diameter of 3 m float about 30 m high and therefore have a tremendous effect. 2-3 persons will be needed to fill such a balloon with helium gas and drop him. The balloon is made of PVC vinyl film (0. If you are not convinced, visit ?? ????.

18 mm) and the graphic is applied with professional painting. Accessories of the helium balloons include as Guy lines, surface material, as well as an optional helium balloon port for storage in the night or during bad weather. The Maxballoon GmbH is a purely Hungarian company, since 1996. Since that time, the company offers customers an advertising balloon full service, production, services (on rentals, and dismantling, supervision, transportation, storage – only in Hungary) and includes proper cleaning and repair. The production range is divided in two main directions: helium balloons and cold air balloons, which are operated with help from domestic or external duration blowers. Started by giant advertising balloons, in ball – or product form, produces inflatable tents, pavilions, sky dancer, Maxum pillars, mega posters, games, and inflatable costumes. Maxballoon GmbH Huvosvolgyi ut 163/b H-1021 Budapest contact: Tel: + 36 30 822 19 32 Csaba Fulop

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