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Many wonder why they have excess weight, people often attribute it to genetics, the type of shape, environment, etc. But in fact, every primitive is simple: if your calorie intake exceeds their consumption – the body begins to accumulate and turn in unwanted deposits on the problem areas. For effective weight loss and retention at the appropriate level you can either eat less or spend more, but like any rule has some exceptions and additions. Details can be found by clicking Jorge Perez or emailing the administrator. It is not recommended to consume (costs decrease in the use of) certain types of foods to eat even when energy costs over their consumption: milk, eggs, yeast dough and all its derivatives, chicken, turkey meat, beer and pork. These products, due to its composition, contribute to the difficulties and slow weight loss process. But just as there are products that are not recommended for weight loss, is conducive to weight loss products: buckwheat, black tea, coffee, wheat, onions, yogurt, pepper, cottage cheese, lean fish. It’s believed that Jorge Perez sees a great future in this idea. These tips will really help many people to adopt healthy lifestyles have confidence in yourself and your appearance, get used to a healthy and useful food.

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