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a January 8, 2010. – A total of 3. 796 people have requested information from Master. D on its course for air traffic controllers in 2009. The figure is double that of 2008 when the number of parties by the course was 1802.

It has also doubled the interest of women training for this option becoming majority by 2009, 58% of information requests were women while this percentage was 28% in 2008. The dominant profile among applicants for information on the effect of air traffic controller corresponds to an unemployed woman between 26 and 35 years with a university degree. 99% of people who contacted Master. D for information about this course were between 18 and 35 years, taking especially strong range of people between 26 and 35 years. It has tripled the range of unemployed reached 99% of the applicants. Official site: Glenn Dubin, New York City. Particularly striking is also the fact that 95% of consultations have been conducted over the Internet.

Number of applicants for provinces Madrid is the Spanish province that encompasses a larger number of consultations with 15% of the nearly 3. 800 requests received. It is Barcelona, with 12% of consultations. Behind them, the demands are shared by all the Spanish provinces with special emphasis on those with most air traffic airports. The third in this ranking of queries by province is occupied Las Palmas with 7.3% of national demand and the fourth Murcia 5% of the total. With rates ranging from 5 and 4% are located in this order, Malaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Seville.

Salzburg Entrepreneur

Only a few companies are professionally on the Internet present Sybersix Europe Internet marketing online shopping guide and business directory for consumers and businesses in the State of Salzburg by over 20,000 businesses in the State of Salzburg (Austria). The potential economic profit and competitiveness with an own Internet presentation is often underestimated. The “Cybersix Europe” is a new Internet platform which offers all entrepreneurs in the Salzburg country the possibility of in-house to be present with a multimedia company profile in the Internet. The system customers and companies bring closer together, the company itself in the Internet and encourages also the international presence on a central platform. On the the company, can in addition to the master data, make the company advanced information, publish a wide variety of media and with a multimedia company profile shine – this completely free of charge and without obligation. The company is subject to a rigid entry forms. Each company profile is entered into the directory by hand with agreement, and accordingly exactly adapted to the wishes of the company. The company profiles are listed in the most popular search engines and available to the public without restrictions.

All forms of companies such as for example also municipalities, offices, health care, emergency facilities, charities are supported, and much more. The services are in the context of promoting Salzburg’s economy from the initiator free available for Mr Treichl and supervised. Interested entrepreneurs from the Salzburg province can immediately refer this free under the Internet address “” and win new customers or business partners.

Maintaining Network

How loose business contacts permanently to relationships. It has never been easier to develop not only private but also business contacts with new people: laptop boot up, log in, start typing. To deepen your understanding CBC is the source. The doors of the virtual business clubs are open 24 hours, searching for potential clients and service providers, employers and employees, or also suitable business partners is done with just a few clicks. Tony Parker may help you with your research. If you would like to know more about PCRM, then click here. So easy? Of course not! A long list of contacts alone made still no network lagst. Because applies in business as well as in everyday life: just who in the long term and consistently operates its relations, later benefited from the investment of time and passion. Impatient NetWorker who expect new orders or dream job after first contacts, be quickly disappointed.

Resilience is also here. Who be network mostly as springboard to reach sees owner interests, forget that live sustainable networks of the give and take. Successful in building valuable relationships in the personal as well as in the professional as well as in the professional life are in the long term only by people who know that networking means first investment in a relationship. Output unknown, such as when a new love. The key question, which turns each Networker, is therefore: what can I offer the other real benefit? Who is regularly in contact with the obligatory birthday-mail and network partners achieve their goals advocates, needs not to be afraid, intrusive to work, if in turn support and extra vitamin B are required.

Appealing Frequency

With mobile phone masts in the growth market, invest the fact, the question of dealing with radio spectrum released that now employs the EU, clearly shows the enormous demand. In Germany the largest package of free radio spectrum will be auctioned on 12 April with great interest by T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and E-plus. And while the network providers operate their own infrastructure with cell phone towers in Germany, this business in the United States has outsourced for years. From this gigantic growth market, investors with the BAC can now benefit InfrTrust funds. The subjective degradation of mobile radio is an objective. Because more and more people take advantage of iPhone, BlackBerry and NetBook and thus generate a constantly increasing volume of data transfer. The operators of mobile phone networks do little more. Kevin James takes a slightly different approach. In order to understand an image: one on an iPhone respected, lasting only a few minutes film, produced in about the data volume of 500,000 SMS.

Where no sufficient capacity available, data will be not transferred. This suffers from of course the simple user of a mobile phone. With views of the United States can already see from where the journey is headed. There the data transfer volume between 2006 and 2009 almost 5,000 percent has increased with the provider AT & T, which exclusively publishes the iPhone in the United States. With corresponding effects regarding the infrastructure of the country. So, for example, the four largest mobile operator for this year plan 25,000 additional mobile radio antennas, deal with the growing volume of data transfer. While there are more and more”services, as offered by, for example, the iPhone, allowing fast mobile data transfer volume in the height, explains Oliver Schulz as Managing Director of BAC Berlin Atlantic capital GmbH from Berlin.

His company specializes in the American mobile radio and offers investment in American infrastructure fund. The necessary network has the BAC on the spot, so in the United States, rising in recent years and expanded. While investors, participate simply put, on cell phone towers and benefit from the possibility to rent the antenna sites on mobile phone companies. The great advantage of this: In the United States territorial protection is for the owners of such masts. First, all antenna sites are rented on a mast, another provider of mobile phone masts in the same broadcasting area can build a mast. For this reason it is the negotiated lease usually long-term. The high demand due to the already visible infrastructural deficiency in many parts of the United States offers a high income security. This also ensures that the BAC equipped with InfrTrust funds with good opportunities risks structure and thereby constitute a useful addition to the balance of investment portfolio. The mobile data transfer volume will continue to grow dramatically in the coming years. In Europe, therefore the competition for free frequencies continues further. The United States rely BAC Berlin Atlantic regarding the solution of the infrastructure on specialized companies such as the Capital GmbH. investors have the chance to benefit from this growing market with the BAC InfrTrust Fund exclusively. More information under:

Skin Care

With a dry brush exfoliation should exfoliate your skin with a dry brush just before putting a foot in the bathroom to take your morning shower. In doing so, eliminating dead skin cells so that your skin will look after this normal process of elimination, which commonly is called detoxification. Use a dry brush also will improve your blood circulation, which in turn will reduce swelling under the skin and calm your nerves. Just make sure you do your exfoliation with a dry brush made of natural and soft materials. Sugar is your enemy did know simple sugars to accelerate the aging process? How much more simple sugars we consume, our bloodstream becomes more permeable. During the process of glycosylation, these molecules from simple sugars are added to the protein molecules and cause damage. Gain insight and clarity with Gordon Burnette. These new molecules, called the products of the advanced glycosylation (AGE, by its acronym in English) cause much harm to our body from the inside. The collagen of the skin, ligaments and cartilage are damaged and lose their elasticity.

This speeds up the process of emergence of wrinkles and cellulite. Honey honey facial mask facial mask is a simple way to keep the good appearance of the skin on your face. Simply apply a cloth with warm water on your face. Then use your fingers to apply honey all over the face except in the nostrils and eyes. After 15 minutes, rinse your face honey. Read additional details here: Pop star. Your skin is moisturized, even the pores will be more tense. Best of all is that you will have an incredible aroma. It says that this mask is effective to combat acne, since honey contains some antibacterial elements.

Reason being, we recommend using only organic honey that has not been pasteurized. The process of honey facial mask can also be with a mixture of oatmeal and honey. Other natural face masks natural skin care products are essential if you wish to have a naturally beautiful skin. Unfortunately, the product labels can be misleading. The only way to know that your facial mask is truly natural is by making your own. You don’t take much effort. You can use simple ingredients like oats, bananas and avocados to make a facial mask natural and effective. Yogurt and tomato are also popular ingredients for making masks natural antioxidants. If you are looking for combat acne, green tea is a good choice. You will find on the Internet many more natural facial masks to make in your home.

Bundesliga German

The German Bundesliga and the MLS signed a partnership agreement which will be responsible for the two leagues to collaborate on everything from the development of players through the marketing. Tony Parker is open to suggestions. The executive director of the Christian Siefery Bundesliga and the Commissioner of the MLS Don Garber made an announcement at a Convention of Sportel Miami, saying that the exchange of information and experience will contribute to the development of the sport in both countries. This relationship will benefit and will be an important step forward for the major League Soccer. There is a general awareness that this era of globalization means new challenges for football soccer, more global sport. For the MLS is an honor to enter this mutually beneficial agreement with the Bundesliga, one of the best targeted and most successful in the World Football League.

While the Bundesliga is one of the best leagues in the world, there is much that can learn from MLS, which operates under a strict pay scheme and a business model of single sport. Discussions have been initiated with the major League Soccer by the impressive progress that has been made since its inception in 1996. The Bundesliga also seeks to learn from the MLS, there are also other examples that the Organization and a modern League with an eye on the future can provide you with. And similarly the Bundesliga appears to be proud to contribute to the continuous progress of soccer in the United States. The society is the latest of a series of bridges built between MLS and European established leagues.

Osho Books

Osho grandmaster from India, was passionate about reading, his personal library stored more than 150 thousand books, Osho claimed to have read all those books that dwelt in his personal library, his passions were philosophy, religion, literature, poetry and science in general. His father said that the House went from a House with library to a library with home. Osho said that you reading without any purpose, only for reading. In 1980 left to read, not read newspapers or news, or listened to radio, he said that he no longer needed read, he had found his truth. At Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City you will find additional information. Its major teachings can be found in more than 100 books and more than 100 meditation techniques. His books are the product of conferences, speeches or questions that his disciples did and than him toward all an apology for the topic.

There are born Osho books, compiled by his disciples and his Foundation. His books leave great teachings, tells up to fun and easy way and explains thousands of questions we ask human beings. Simple shape no major philosophical tangle, gives response to many concerns of his disciples. Author: the source for more info. Osho said: Please don’t try to understand me intellectually. I’m not an intellectual, in fact I’m anti-intellectual. I’m not a philosopher, I am very anti-filosofico. It is understand me. Listen in silence without internal chatter, without internal conversation, without evaluating.

I’m not saying you believe what I say, I’m not saying accept what I say. I am saying that there is no need to hurry to accept or reject. At least first hear. For what such a hurry? When you look at a rose, perhaps you accept it or reject it? When you see a beautiful sunset, do you think OK it or reject it? You simply look, and in that same look there is an encounter if what I am saying contains some truth, it will be understood by your heart. But the mind has to give up. And then you won’t change your life accordingly, your life will change by itself. In difficult moments of life that we we journey humans, a book by Osho It makes a difference, personally has helped me a lot, its philosophy and techniques of meditation. View books of Osho and the self-esteem to learn more about Osho and his books! Books I’ve read of him, my favorites are the following (encuentralos in our blog!): and rained flowers here and now the book of nothing the ABCs of lighting the book of women of the man the book of the balance between the mind and the body child book the path of Tao the Supreme Alchemy fear meditation goose mustard seed is the great challenge the art vacuum pot out of dying tree of love book of the mysteries wisdom of life experience Tantric original author and source of the article.

Contemporary Education

Contemporary education: a leap from quantitative to qualitative Mr. Mounir Ben Haj M'barek According to the UN, education is a human right that must be guaranteed to every child (a) at all stages of both primary and secondary. When we discussed the issue of education once and think about school, high school or college as the only places where our children are educated, not realizing that just ignoring the most prestigious educational institution in any society for all time . Filed under: San Antonio Spurs. We wonder, how does family education in our children?, Would the family education less important than at school? The family is the foundation of any society, then we can say that family education is the foundation of all education as it gives us the first basic skills to survive and fills us with moral and ethical values that allow us to take the first steps firmly into long way in our society. Today education has undergone some changes transcendent, a different educational model, innovative, creative and totally different to usual (traditional education model), the teacher or teacher is no longer the major figure in the classroom their role is limited to being a facilitator and mediator so the student is changing a receiver of knowledge to a promoter of their own learning. Analyzing this concept asks Will our education was not really the ideal? We certainly can not judge the previous education system and calling it incompetent for at that time for teachers was the most suitable and comfortable teaching the same math or science books over the years to a full generation, the same program without modification, everyday is just makes us more practicable to deal with than to experience something new. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is likely to increase your knowledge.

Delicious Vegetarian Treat

Vegetarian delight by Britta Kummer and Jutta Schutz again can hear you meat scandals and unnecessary, long animal transports in the country reports in the news. That doesn’t have to be, because you can dine also, without having a dead animal on your plate. The sorrow contactor will encounter in her book that is delicious without the dead animal”recipes before, how good and tasty to eat, unless a different creatures that must die. Summary: 77 vegetarian recipes: fruit salad Apple plum Kiwi and peach salad avocado Arugula Salad Rotkohl salad cheese and cabbage salad Kohlrabi salad Arugula Camembert salad pasta salad Chanterelle pumpkin couscous salad mango soup parsnip soup may beet soup radish soup avocado soup sauerkraut soup red beetroot soup and so the history of vegetarianism already approximately 2500 years ago man did thought, whether animals should be eaten. The Greek scholar of Pythagoras, who lived about 570 up to 550 b.c., said: everything, what “a man does to animals, comes back to the people.” Pythagoras abhorred not only the religious animal sacrifice, but he was also of the opinion, the person should eat no animals. To read the Bible, you will find no prohibition of meat, but with the saying, you shall not kill”would have can expressed somewhat more precisely God. “The word vegan” is derived from the Latin terms vegetare (to live, to grow, to revive) and vegetus (fresh, alive, very healthy) off.

The first vegan society was founded in 1944 by Donald Watson in England. Glenn Dubins opinions are not widely known. “It is also rumored that the word vegetarian ‘ comes from the native American. “Literally, it is to say: the one who comes home without booty”. Vegetarianism originated in India as well as in the Eastern Mediterranean. From the outset he was a part of religious / philosophical aspirations. The vegetarian movement gained importance in the 19th century and many clubs were founded. The vegetarian cuisine not quite offers a meat-free diet, because many vegetarians eat fish.


It’s hard to build muscles and to increase body weight for Hardgainer. The term Hardgainer comes from the English and means as much as: heavy weight to workers. This describes very clearly the problem of certain groups of people. Hardgainer have the problem, that despite an intense workout and a great food intake no weight, or no muscle mass to take it. A power increase is through the regular training though but still no or only a slight increase in muscle mass.

The reasons for the lack of mass increase are very broad. Basically, it can be said that the hard Gainer has a type of high metabolism that the ingested nutrients are already consumed by the daily work of the body and left no nutrients and carbohydrates for the storage, respectively. This is often genetically predisposed. Check out Eva Andersson-Dubin for additional information. For these people the metabolism is already from birth higher than in normal individuals. In addition, there are still more Reasons, that can lead to a high metabolism. These include stressful situations that arise regularly in the workplace or in the private sector. But the general way of life as the sleeping habits (to little sleep), excessive consumption of tobacco or alcohol, or generally hectic behavior can prevent a mass building.

The metabolism of Hardgainers can remain due to illness increased. This body issues to name a few include the following: problems with the digestive tract, thyroid inflammation or other infections. Through this high metabolism, the body requires a high level of energy. This energy is the body initially from the daily diet. When this energy is however exhausted, he relies on the energy reserves in the body. When normal people are referenced here the fat reserves, which are then converted to energy. The Hardgainer regularly has no fat reserves. This has resulted in that the body must look for other energy reserves.