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Particularly, exactly when in accordance with I am determined decisions, I prefer to be consulted and to emit my opinion, much even so, our democratic soul acceptance decisions that come in benefit of the majority. I find flat and centraliser that somebody wants to decide where to lunch, where to be, that type of music […]


1,2 Social origins of the flamenco one: the gypsy, the miner, the day laborer and the proletarian In spite of that they consider that flamenco is a cultured art popularized , an artistic reflection on the existence of the town and not a popular anonymous creation, a quintaesenciado art of the town Andalusian, other people’s, […]

The Reformation Francisco

The IMPORTANCE OF the EDUCATION OF HISTORY AND the CULTURE IN the FORMAODE CITIZENS 1 Fbio Oliveira 2 Pinzan Certain day, in a lesson in the college, I listened to professordizer ' ' it lacks a little of moral in the politics and the society brasileira' ' , and fiqueia to ask to me as […]

Agriculture Application

Urea in agriculture: application in subsurface This small text intends to display to the agriculturist and excessively interested parties, the reason of if always applying urea in the ground in subsurface. The urea fertilizing is nitrogenado very used in agriculture. To the being applied in the ground and to enter in contact with this and […]