Vacation in France


Particularly, exactly when in accordance with I am determined decisions, I prefer to be consulted and to emit my opinion, much even so, our democratic soul acceptance decisions that come in benefit of the majority. I find flat and centraliser that somebody wants to decide where to lunch, where to be, that type of music to hear and as much other personal things of taste. People exist who find its musics boats, its inadequate feeding and its circle of friendship of inferior level. People who if find the center of the universe, as if the world happened in function of its existence.

We are not equal, we do not have equal cultures, we have levels and different classrooms and this would not have to matter. It is a srdida form of camouflaged preconception, are seeds of racism being adubada wanting to gain force. As well as this connotation, this is a personal opinion and if people disagree, all good, are part of the individuality and taste of each being. It is fact also that much moved people exist the head, as an ox following the berrante of the hand of a comitiva. People who do not strengthen themselves to reveal its ideas or find more cmodo to leave that they take decisions for it.

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