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Kids Games And Toys

It has long been known that one of the first baby toys – rattles. Accumulated and our first-born of quite a few – gave relatives and friends. But quickly tired of the child: they knock it on the cot, and throws a minute. But Masha nevalyasha that publishes the melodious and gentle sounds for a […]

Decorate Toys

You can dilute the abundance of the classical balls and icicles homemade decorations – use all that on his way: hank of wool, scraps of fabric, origami out of colored paper And to your Christmas tree was not only beautifully dressed, and smelled nice, "perfume" it with the cinnamon sticks, slices of apples or tangerines, […]

Watercolors .

Mixture on the palette in watercolors drawn as well as in oil painting. What are the three basic techniques of watercolor. Method of cleaning. The first stage is heavily diluted with water colors (spot color work). Second – enhanced color tone. Third – is completely transmitted color and details are entered. Each new layer is […]