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Decorate Toys

You can dilute the abundance of the classical balls and icicles homemade decorations – use all that on his way: hank of wool, scraps of fabric, origami out of colored paper And to your Christmas tree was not only beautifully dressed, and smelled nice, "perfume" it with the cinnamon sticks, slices of apples or tangerines, strung on a thread. It's time to decorate a Christmas tree! Before you begin to design registration tree, it is desirable to check all the details (if fir artificial) to see whether enough Toys and whether electrical garlands Be aware of security – do not use more than three garlands at the same time – or can not stand the traffic jams! Toys for Christmas trees are selected depending on the size of the tree – a large ate very effectively will look big toys. In a small fur-tree toys too large a place there – you can hang them on the lower branches. Do not forget to add the final touches – hang on the tree twigs shiny tinsel, "rain", use of confetti, streamers, sequins, beads, garlands, and to create the effect of frost spray spruce artificial snow from the fumes! You can also use edible decorations – candy, chocolate coin, nuts, tangerines – the children will appreciate this design finds. But that's not all! Do not forget the most important attribute – Decorate the top of eating a star or a spire as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem, which led Magi to the manger of Jesus! Star can choose electric, glass or plastic, and the best – to make a star (the spire) with their hands out of papier-mache! And of course, indispensable "friends" of your green beauties must become Santa Claus! These toys are ceramic, fiberoptic, music, electro – choose the most favorite! On the eastern calendar coming in 2010 will be accompanied by a yellow tiger. .

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