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We all like to entertain us watching television in our homes. But that best way to have fun watching our channel and our favorite movies on a LED TV. But the vast majority of people always wonder what is the difference between a LCD TV and LED TV. As we all know there is a […]

Promotional Video

Promotional videos are sales and marketing tools to introduce or educate consumers about a product in particular, cause or organization. Generally, a promotional video is structured to be precise, direct and with only a duration of no more than fifteen minutes. This generally allows a well produced video to maintain the attention of viewers long […]

Hotel Monte Conquero

Good morning, world!! It is the latest work of the Canarian Rosana, disk that will have to Huelva as the setting for his presentation in Andalusia.Rosana, tomorrow in the Grand Theater work that revives the maturity attained by the artist and which is much more musically close to pop-rock. Rosana will act tomorrow Sunday at […]