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Translation Automatic

Because the technologies necessary for advanced machine translation they represent a luxury that only large multinational companies can afford, different translators and companies are left only with very specialized, such as literature and advertising translations, i.e. those areas that are not susceptible to automated translation. Although nobody expects that an English translator translated today, the […]

Women And Work

Statistically proven that the same staff position salary women may be less than that of men in 50% of cases. Of course, the situation changes with time, and now it's better than say 100 years ago, when the number of was 95-100 percent. And yet, the stereotypes persist. Let's look at why. The first reason. […]

Anna Birkhold – The Chamber On The Sixth Floor

A presentation of the book of the Araki Verlag Leipzig a multi-layered novel u? ber courage and self-confidence. It was released on August 25, 2010 in the Araki Publisher and was in the suggestion list to the youth Book Prize 2011 u? taken. The Chamber on the sixth floor of the story of Franz Widmann”is […]

Kathmandu Misio

Visited on a regular basis the carpet wholesaler Mischioff world’s various production sites at regular intervals visited the carpet wholesaler Mischioff world’s various production facilities that are working well for the Swiss company. On-site, discuss those new collections and clarify what fresh designs implemented in the production can be. Also in this spring, a trip […]

The Judgment Spiral

What is the judgment spiral and how does it work? Every human being has a tendency to the judgment. Everyone has an inner pig dog. He is included in a way free of charge. A normal, human reaction is to push things with quite a sense: we postpone things unpleasant, to avoid unpleasant feelings. But […]

Travel Tip Bosnia

Invites passionate travelers on a journey of discovery through the Balkans – Bosnia to Macedonia the independent Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Balkan peninsula. The extraordinary diversity of the picturesque and inaccessible district, the thrilling juxtaposition of different cultures and influences from the Islamic, Catholic and Orthodox religion make a discovery journey through […]

Information Security

As the great: – Information is the key to the door of any forged gates. In our time, the preservation of confidential information is a vital aspect. Leaking information about yourself, such as passport details, can cause that person will become , paying for someone else's credit, loans and obligations. Leakage of information from enterprises […]

Lesson Jazz Vocal

If you or your child has very little free time, our vocal coach will come to you. The cost of vocal lessons at the same time does not change. You pay an additional fare to you. For teaching music in your home, you must have a musical instrument (piano: the piano piano, synthesizer, midi keyboard) […]

Jackeey Wallpaper

The program AndroidOS.FakePlayer has managed to get some Android devices under the guise of media player. Once the application is prescribed in the system, the program starts to send SMS-messages available in the the basis of telephone numbers and translate them money user. SMS-Trojans – is the most common category of viruses for mobile phones, […]

Mario Benedetti

A poet’s death on 17 may died in Montevideo the writer Mario Benedetti. Novelist – awesome his work La truce-, author of innumerable short stories, will remind you very especially as a poet, a diaphanous, direct, sensitive poet. They say on these occasions in a way something cliche and corny, that the best tribute that […]