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Women And Work

Statistically proven that the same staff position salary women may be less than that of men in 50% of cases. Of course, the situation changes with time, and now it's better than say 100 years ago, when the number of was 95-100 percent. And yet, the stereotypes persist. Let's look at why. The first reason.

The social role of women and still confined to homemakers and child-rearing. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tony Parker by clicking through. Although the situation women in society is changing, and many of them have made significant progress in areas considered to be the exclusive domain of men, such as management, finance, marketing, IT, public opinion still does not quite come to terms with increasing role of women in business and society. Social stereotypes for the most part sometimes suppress the talents of women and self-confidence. Since childhood, her prepare for the role of mistress, wife and mother, without taking into account potential talent. I do not call women to abandon their natural successor to the destination type, the mother, because she think the family and children is a primary value in a person's life and not just women. Man without family, without support, without reliable rear too little that will do. I encourage women to develop and apply their talents for the benefit of not only his family but also for the benefit of society. The second reason. Many women, because of natural characteristics of the female mind, show humility, tact, without conflict, the ability to give the revision of the salary fund and staffing.

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