Vacation in France

Hotel Monte Conquero

Good morning, world!! It is the latest work of the Canarian Rosana, disk that will have to Huelva as the setting for his presentation in Andalusia.Rosana, tomorrow in the Grand Theater work that revives the maturity attained by the artist and which is much more musically close to pop-rock. Rosana will act tomorrow Sunday at the Grand Theatre of Huelva, at 20.00 hours, a stage very close to Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva best located in the city. Good morning, world!, was released on 8 November.!!! Rosana will offer a show full of energy, which manages to transport the audience to different emotional states: romanticism or euphoria. They accompany him 3 musicians that make up his band and who manage to remove fibers in all kinds of public. Rosana has sold more than eight million copies of their albums since it published Lunas rotas, which achieved the first positions in the sales and radio charts in 1996.

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