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The Reformation Francisco

The IMPORTANCE OF the EDUCATION OF HISTORY AND the CULTURE IN the FORMAODE CITIZENS 1 Fbio Oliveira 2 Pinzan Certain day, in a lesson in the college, I listened to professordizer ' ' it lacks a little of moral in the politics and the society brasileira' ' , and fiqueia to ask to me as to make to change this reality. I know that the professor of History is a great agent quepode to change this, because ' ' he is not enough to teach histria' ' we have that: To initiate the young in the dahistria knowledge of the humanity (or part of it) and to transmit information to them indispensveis construction of so desired citizenship, that is, the formation of a society of conscientious, responsible, independent individuals. (RIBEIRO, 2004, P. 76). The responsibility to form citizen, in the school, estmajoritariamente in disciplines of History. ' ' The Reformation Francisco 3 Fields placed the study of History as central instrument of the education poltica' ' (FONSECA, 2006, P. 52). However, exactly that history is detainer doconhecimento of the origins, does not only fit it to change this reality where afalta of moral and patriotism is evident in our society.

The history professor, having as to tarefatransmitir one ' memory nacional' , it does not present conditions of cumpririsoladamente with this work. The governmental power, (…), has examined necessidadede if to be valid other educational instruments to support and to fazerperpetuar, in the memory of the pupils, who must be considered histricoresponsvel agent for ' destinations of pas' (BITTENCOURT, 1988, P. 43). We saw then that the above-mentioned author says that the podergovernamental already recognizes that it does not only fit to the history education this formaocvica and moral. This responsibility has remained with such disciplines pelofato of it ' ' to be the legislator ' of the national tradition, the culture, the beliefs, the art, territrio' ' ' (BITTENCOURT, 1988, P.

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