Vacation in France

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Venezuelan Technology Management

Industrial survey data indicate that labor productivity in manufacturing has increased only Venezuelan to a rate of 0.94 percent year for the period 1977-1990 (Viana and others, 1993a). This is how today is dominated by a negative view on the economic model of those lately. Broadly Overall, the results of Venezuela’s technological development process was […]

Engagement Rings

The engagement ring can be a real gift that make a loving couple to themselves. Doing so, the rings carefully selected and are together. Never attempt to reach a compromise and the rings make a hasty purchase decision with which one is not after 100% satisfied. Better you should sleep on the decision again and […]

The Subliminal Ones Work Audio

The following one was my answer, that I create can clarify enough of the process necessary to activate real pars. The change of deeply ingrained beliefs in our subconscious mind, is a slow process that it requires of all our attention and every day. The fact to live surrounded by the negatividad that are exposed […]