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A Staircase Of Wood Can Make Wonderful Art

Anyone who thinks that a ladder is simply a way of going from one floor to another, has not seen the movie what the wind took. The magnificent White Oak double staircase in which Scarlett O Hara captivates her many suitors, including three future husbands, is so character in the film as the heroine. This type of single romantic atmosphere can be evoked by a quality wooden staircase. What is a wooden ladder? A wooden ladder is a set of treads, risers and stringers that allow access from one floor to another higher or lower. The treads are the tables on which people walk, supported by parts secured by notches called risers and angled tables called stringers. Depending on the sophistication of its design, a wooden ladder may or not have handrails made of handrails and balusters (uprights). Design design a wooden ladder depends entirely on your environment.

After all, wouldn’t make sense having a rustic staircase of pine in a magnificent antebellum mansion (period before the war in the United States). Some designs of stairs may seem completely miraculous, like the famous spiral staircase in the convent of the Sisters of St. Loreto in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which hung in the air with only two points at the top and bottom. The legend of the convent said that stair, desperately needed by the elderly nuns, was built by a Carpenter of rustic appearance, who just appeared one day, built the impressive staircase and disappeared. The San Loreto nuns believe that his mysterious benefactor was not another if not Saint Joseph, the foster-father of another famous Carpenter, Jesus.

Without heavenly powers, the majority of carpenters who build stairs depend on good mathematics and solid wood. Types of wood wood stairs stairs can be straight, curved or spiral. They can be wide enough for one, two or more people to climb and fall.

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