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ABSOLVENTA Officially Launched

Companies apply to graduates Berlin, may 5, 2008 the application market for university graduates is about. Academics are always actively courted by potential employers. With, a team of young university graduates has developed an Internet platform on which companies can directly target this audience. Students and graduates make this unique application profile online, and companies submit offers for the career them then. More than 25,000 students and 200 company within five five weeks after the launch of the platform have registered more than 25,000 students and graduates. At the same time, over 200 companies for offering innovative could be won.

The list of cooperating companies ranging from publicly traded DAX companies such as BMW and Siemens via consultancies such as Roland Berger to small and medium-sized businesses of various industries. Henning Peters, founder and CTO of ABSOLVENTA forward: we were literally run over by the immense interest Graduates and companies. The last weeks have been exhausting as each phase of the review, we worked day and night on ABSOLVENTA. Now we are very happy that our offer is so enthusiastic encouragement and hope, to facilitate the career as many students and graduates with” Now for the first time, with the activation of the contact function, the participating companies can contact graduates in contact. “The ABSOLVENTA process: be found instead apply after free registration and input of your profile on students and graduates can reach with a single application” nationwide a wide variety of companies.

Eliminates the time-consuming and costly create and send the application documents. The principle of ABSOLVENTA academics that facilitates career. Misuse of personal data is excluded, because the graduates at ABSOLVENTA remain as long as anonymous until they unlock their contact information upon request from interested companies. ABSOLVENTA offers an efficient solution to companies for the recruitment. Employer graduate profiles of all German universities can find suitable employees based on individual criteria. The search is this free of charge. Charges apply only for contacts. Genesis ABSOLVENTA emerged from the desire of three students after a contemporary tender, which strengthens the position of graduates compared to their future employers. Christoph Jost (LMU Munich), Henning Peters (IMPRS/uni Saarland) and Pascal Tilgner (University of Munster) founded after an intensive design phase in October 2007 along with Jan Beckers, Lukasz Gadowski, Oliver Jung and Kolja Hebenstreit ABSOLVENTA. The Absolventa GmbH is headquartered in Berlin and currently 18 employees.

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