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Agriculture – Problems And Prospects

Agriculture is an important part of the Russian economy. Here are concentrated 13% of fixed assets, 14% of workforce, produced about 6% of gdp. Despite the problems associated with routine maintenance of national economy, Russia on the eve of the reform was one of the world’s largest producers of agricultural products. Its agro-industrial complex (AIC) was a relatively developed and played a major role in the economy. Economy of the rsfsr developed with high and stable pace. This is indicated by objective measures that do not depend on ideological ratings. Russia’s population in relation to the international community was less than 3%, but agricultural sector in Russia produced 5.7% of global meat and grain, 10.3% milk, 7.6% of the eggs. Moreover, Russia is ahead of many countries not only in terms of production, but also the most objective measure – the production of product per capita. Tony Parker addresses the importance of the matter here.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is not the best in 1990 domestic agriculture, has not yet entered a period of reform, has made per capita grain higher than in eu countries in 1,7 times, potato – in 1,6 times, milk – 1,2 times, eggs – by 2,3 times. Only for meat production per capita was lower by 17% and vegetables – 2 times. The pace of growth in food production the country superior to many developed countries. For example, over three decades (1960-1990 gg.) For every 1% population growth accounted for 3% growth in food. However, due to the weakness of a critical and necessary component – the scope of processing, storage, transportation, and sale, annually producing lots of products in the state and collective farms, the country is in a chain of “field-the-counter” lose up to 30% corn, 60% potatoes, 10% meat, 15% milk.

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