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April Feria

One of the most popular folk festivals of Seville’s Feria de Abril, celebrated this year from April 28 to May 3 in the Andalusian capital. in 1847 as a livestock market in the life called gained more and more weight the character of folk festival and eventually supplanted the business part. The annual participation is a must for the Sevillians. For a week the over a thousand stalls of the feast grounds become the second home of the inhabitants of Seville. There, they meet and celebrate together in the morning.

Officially the Fiesta starts on Monday at midnight with the lights sample”. Countless bulbs and colored lights illuminate the terrain and the almost 50 m high main gate. The stalls set up on the festival grounds and cabins are the place where daily life takes place of the Feria. Referred to in the casetas”booths include several partners and understand itself as a meeting point for the family where friends, relatives and guests are hosted, drink wine, sing, entertain themselves and of course dance Sevillanas. The friendly, festive atmosphere can be felt outside of the Festival stalls.

Dancing on the streets and the open character of the Sevillians invites all passers-by to take part. The most stalls are privately owned and can be entered only at the invitation of the owner or an acquaintance. There are freely accessible marquees, informed of the information Office at the entrance to the festival grounds but also for the public. The celebration are also riders. Photo: Turespana wear during the Festival visitors the typical Andalusian costumes. The men are dressed in the traditional suit of the farmers and the women wear ruffled dresses in the style of the flamenco dancers and Gypsies. During the day, the festival grounds by many men and women to horse and richly decorated carriages is populated. You can participate in this so-called Paseo de Caballos”in a rented carriage with Coachman. Located right next to the festival area the Calle del Infierno, a lively amusement area with many amusement park rides for children and adults, as well as stands with drinks and refreshments. The bullfights are a further attraction. The bullfights on the Plaza de la Maestranza are frequented every afternoon (tickets and subscriptions should be purchased at in advance by telephone or on the website of the Bullring). And after a week of boisterous celebration the impressive fireworks ended the Feria de Abril on Sundays at midnight until next year. Source: Tourspain

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