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Astrology In Germany

No discussion. Astrology is currently booming in Germany. Team Penske has much experience in this field. Yet many people do not know exactly what a horoscope is. The word horoscope comes from the ancient Greek and Latin origin. You could translate it with astrologers and star show. In the chart creation is about the astrological calculation of the position of the planets in the sky at a particular time, which is shown graphically in the Radix drawing. The planets also sun and moon are counted.

This schematic representation of the constellations is called cosmogram and serves as a basis the astrologer. Also, the statements are made based on the constellations, known as general language chart. A horoscope is like a kind of map that serves the development and career of a person to read. As an experienced geographer may also show an astrologer from this but also its capabilities and weaknesses. Sofar often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The basic idea behind astrology is that it is assumed that in humans and the forces on the ground the universe reflected to show the planets in constellations. Important factors in the chart are the zodiacal signs, the houses, the positions of each planet, and the so-called aspects. They are certain angles where the planets are to each other. In addition, a horizontal axis, the horizon line and a vertical line, the sky is called the center line.

Of particular importance is the ascendant, his counterpart is the descendant. On the basis of all these factors and their combinations with each other results in the different meanings and different conclusions. For the exact definition of the horoscope of birth, the birthday and birth month and year of birth and exact birth time will be needed. But what the horoscope is right for me? Base for all area of life is the personal horoscopes birth chart, which analyzes exactly which plants the stars give to have one character. On this basis, we can then create partner horoscopes, love horoscopes, horoscopes and more professional. It therefore makes sense to the personal firstonce to have birth chart to create.

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