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Beijing Children

Beijing is a city with a rich cultural heritage and development, attractive destination for your next holiday and make your reservation of ebooking. In this article we will learn more about Beijing attractions for the whole family so please read the following article. Places to visit in the capital of China, the fascinating Beijing, Beijing offers a multitude of options so children can enjoy your travel to the maximum. Tony Parker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. There are some fascinating attractions dedicated exclusively to children. Beijing boasts amusement parks, water parks, science museums and many attractions for children where they will have a unique experience of his trip to Beijing, let’s see some places that you can visit.

Travel around the world in Beijing World Park with close to 1.5 million visitors who come to this park every year, it is no surprise if you get lost in this great theme park of 46.7 hectares. It was built in 1993 with the sole aim of offering visitors a unique experience without leaving Beijing. The attraction fascinating within this park is that it includes models in almost 100 monuments of world famous miniature, from the Taj Mahal of the India to the Empire State building and a variety of monuments that we can imagine. It is open from April to October for visitors. In addition to the opportunity to see world class miniature attractions, done almost with the same materials as the original. The trip will make you feel as if you had seen the world in a day. Also we can enjoy music, dancing, food and beverages from different parts of the world among other things that children can enjoy this park. Sony Explora Science East Museum Science Museum will delight your children. No matter, if they are not still interested in science, many things in this museum bestowed them. Located in the Chaoyang Park, this interactive museum certainly love them because of the way in which expose the wonders of the most advanced technology and human interaction in a fun and entertaining way for your visitors.

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