Vacation in France


We solve the existing alignment of our focus so, we focus our attention on a positive destination and draw. To deepen your understanding Jorge Perez is the source. These imaginary places, this target may be a space of confidence, of protection or also of well-being depending on the Bedurfnis about. For this we use our memory gift our desire that wants to be breastfed in a specific way, by an experience suitable for our purpose or an experience selecting, which”corresponds to. This can be something simple, like the Erinnern of warm feeling before Grandma either stove or even zufriedene, whopping well-being one special summer day. Also meets this a spectacular”, deep eingepraegte meditation experience or even an earth-shattering internal contact with our wahren being. It is important to bear in mind that the question of the selection is not determined by What is it, what I do remember, but whether it works for me, and I finally can find me again by binding to the same in a soothing bath of salvation being. Which means how, I am out of the mistaken idea of the defect being the not right being, of not healing being released and reminds me of the experience of the State of salvation being again and again it connected.

In other words, by remembering a beautiful experience and reliving our emotional state at that time we also remember our ureigentliches salvation being. We need just a little rest and the BereitSchaft, if it is necessary to align our attention repeatedly in the lindernde direction. In doing so, we close our eyes and accept a few deep breaths. And on every exhale we interpolating to let go a little more and a little more to solve our muscle tension. Now we begin the pictorial with visualize, imagine our former experience. We look forward sure that we experience as good as possible get to the original, without wanting to comply with the requirements of the perfect and ourselves thereby slowing down everything.

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