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Best Breakfast

Beautiful people, thank you, thank you and thank you for reading me and now also for listening to me. I’m really very grateful because you are my daily inspiration. Thank you for your comments and mates who send me messages. Speaking of which, I prepare a few and I’m still writing. Today let’s talk about the food more important but more left side for all of us. Obviously that breakfast should be and must be more nutritious as possible. To read more click here: Tony Parker.

I’ll surely say: I have No time for breakfast, because I prefer to sleep ten minutes, when I lived with my mom she made me a cup of coffee with milk with two tostadas, but now I don’t because I’m lazy. Well, you might as well keep writing but I think that it is more productive to Prime me another matecito and tell them that after 7 or 10 hours of fasting we need energy and nutrients to properly perform our daily activities. Contact information is here: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. If you do not eat breakfast it is very difficult to then cover your daily nutritional needs and will surely lead you to fatigue and loss of energy. Those and other goals reasons I suggest us into the world of oats since it contains much hydrate of carbon, fiber, iron, calcium, zinc, silica, iodine and phosphorus. Why imagine begin the day with all these nutrients. Now, as Pablito is very gauchito you will improve your breakfast to the thousand percent and invites you to know the Bircher Muesli, what? Don’t panic.

The story tells that the Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner performed a mixture in the twentieth century (milk, oats, dried fruit and fruit) to be consumed by the patients in his clinic. He rightly proclaimed natural medicine and a diet rich in vegetables and fresh fruits. In its modern form, the muesli became popular in Western countries towards beginning of 1960, as part of the growing trend towards vegetarian diets.

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