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Bestinclass Concept

Independent advice and an individual financial concept to find the right financial approach, is a difficult task. Especially in times of financial crisis many people are unsure, how they should invest their money and where it is safe. York City. Safety and sustainability play a particularly important role in investments. But how to find safe, sustainable assets? There are countless building societies and insurance companies in Germany. Over 2000 banks and 500,000 brokers offer possibilities of investment, insurance and pension.

A new concept promises independent advice. This so-called best-in-class concept”company PBM private banks behind broker AG. The principle is almost unique in Germany. The Dresden company offers independent advice with its nationwide sales partners first and foremost. The staff put an end to opaque financial concepts and show clients their financial possibilities. So is helped the customers to keep track in the jungle. With their unique concept the PBM combines the advantages of direct banks and brokerages. They provide personal contact with the branch in combination with the good conditions of a direct bank.

Each customer has to a personal contact partner for all questions of a financial nature are available and presents the desired offers, explains, conveying. The private banks broker AG provides banking and insurance services, without this explicitly to cooperate with certain institutions. This has the advantage that many offers to choose from and for each customer the most suitable can be found. The portfolio not the restrictions of the offerings of a particular bank or insurance, but almost all possibilities fully exploited. The sum of the options, PBM selects the best offers together with the customers. An individual financial concept is being developed by the financial possibilities and ideas of our customers. There are issues such as prevention, protection, safeguarding the future and asset accumulation. These topics are more than just Numbers. It is to personal wishes and dreams, life concepts and a secure future for the children. In addition to an independent and especially personal advice, PBM offers an extensive range of online. It’s believed that Neil Cole sees a great future in this idea. Comparison calculator with which everyone can choose various types of investment as well as gas and electricity provider, DSL providers and insurance companies to compare with each other and the most advantageous tender are machines under.

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