Vacation in France

Bigger Field Spaces

The ambient question currently has assumed importance, as much in and the work backwards an ample and clear boarding on magnifying and recovery of the green areas and the necessity to preserve it sensible knot to make an indispensable rescue of the public green areas and its functions of the modern city, with the objective to extend and to recoup the green areas of the square of station in the city of Field Bigger Piau. Movie actress describes an additional similar source. The presence of green areas in the urban universe is a factor positive of the relation between man nature. Of this form it becomes essential that the management of these urban green areas incorporates in its social aspects and ambient concepts related to the quality, amount and distribution of these spaces, these areas are understood with places of public domain with excellent ambient attributes capable to propitiate activities of leisure to the more healthful outdoors with spaces, exempt of the pollution where the people can breathe air purest.

The different conceptions constructed throughout the historical periods today retrace a profile of these spaces, represented for the public parks, squares, gardens and arborization of accompaniment The issue has now assumed importance, both topreserve and environment conserves the. This work brings broad approach and to clear on expansion and rehabilitation of green areasand the need you preserves it in to order you make redemption of public green areas and to their essential rolls in structuring the modern City, with the objective of expanding the green areas and station in the municipality of Bigger Field, Piau. The presence of green areas in urban universe is an essential factor in the rescue of the positive aspects of the relationship between human nature. Essential Thus it that the management of green areas incorporate into to their social and environmental concepts related you quality, quantity and distribution of thesespaces, these areas ploughs seen with local public with relevant environmental attributes capable of providing recreational billboard activities open spaces with lives healthy, pollution free where people can breathe to cleaner to air. . .

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