Vacation in France

Black Sea

Residential high-rises, cultural and entertainment centers, office buildings spring up everywhere, along with property prices. Looking at the new building, moving toward the sea. Eye pleasing typical southern plants. Palm trees and cypresses, magnolias and oleanders, beautifully decorated flower beds and composition. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. Naval Station offers the best way to explore the sea. Boat trips are a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the city from afar. Catamaran Dagomys you will take away far from the city and allow the breath of fresh sea air. Small boats provezut along the coast.

Yachting will enjoy all the beauties at once and swim in the cleanest sea water in open sea. This year, for the first time in recent years, all city beaches are accessible to Sochi residents and visitors alike. In addition to the municipal beaches "Lighthouse", "Riviera", "Albatross" could very well swim and sunbathe on the fine beaches, health resorts, "Black Sea", "Santa Barbara", "Fazotron", "Svetlana". And if you tired of the city bustle, a real beach holiday awaits you in the distance from the center. Beaches will enjoy the clean sea water is almost at each stop the train, the next of Sochi Tuapse. Motorists prefer to swim to the other side. On the beach, "Red Storm" and there is parking for cars, and a place for kebabs there.

For those who want to really evaluate the rest of the sea, there is a heaven on earth – is the Lower Imereti Bay. There all along the coast there are small private hotels, and resorts, "Chernomorets", "Caravelle", "chemist", "Builder" and "South". Budget accommodation, good food, interesting tours and make a family holiday vacation with children a happy and carefree. If you want a hot day, cool and relaxing in the shade, the better place than the shore of a mountain river and not come up with. Can the morning to go to Sochi on the upper river "Orekhovsky" waterfalls.

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