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Business Rules

There is a category of questions that are always and everywhere, namely: "How you can quickly achieve success in internet marketing? -What can I do to start making money on the Internet? Often, they write in order to achieve success you must change yourself. How's that? -I want to get rich, do you start? What does it mean to change themselves? It is that, as Baron Munchausen take his hair and pull out of the swamp? Or sit on the passing kernel? 😉 If we consider our life as a big game, there is a legitimate question – and by what rules we play this game? Someone has set these rules, once they know about almost everything, like this: – To start a business – needs money, lots of money … – To achieve success, need a college degree, and preferably two or three … – To achieve a life of wealth, should be long and hard work … (I wonder for whom? Be the one who came up with these rules?) You sure know a lot of these 'rules' and 'success' for him play. Oh yes, and probably themselves will add more than one dozen of the same: – Above the head can not jump …

– Every cricket, stick to your hearth … – Keep it safe … continue for yourself … And the question naturally arises, even questions. And whether you like these Rules? Is it possible to change these rules? And if so, how? Answering these questions gives us the theorem of Kurt Godel and it sounds like that. 'No element of the system can not change the properties of the system from inside it.

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