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Cabaret And Comedy – Is This The Question

The difference between cabaret and comedy moves the lover of the humor industry. This distinction is not so easy to use. Although it is certainly interesting for the audience to know on what humor he applies for the evening while visiting an event: The artist often can not easily categorize. Is the theme of a good size for the most distinctive artists Many believe that comedians are always political, but this is not to be the case. There are also comedians who deal exclusively with the interpersonal domain, for example. Comedians are often viewed as apolitical, but there are also artists who have Poltik as content. In Britain, for example, the “alternative comedy” a long tradition and are completely engaged with society today, Who or what are comedians Many comedians prefer the term “comedy” because they want to adjoin the inflationary use of the word “comedy”. Then again, there are “comedians”, which mainlyPhysical comedy set, or other working language, but with the fernsehgngigen “Stand Up Comedy” have little to do and in their sense of humor are very peculiar. With the stylistic means “music” is working in cabaret and musical comedy in music, but there again there are all kinds of subtypes, such as hybrids, such as the piano cabaret. First, one can thus use of resources (language, music, body) to find a distinction, on the other hand just in relation to the topic. But complying can not tell who is now comedian who is comedian who is comedian – this is not defined. It remains the decision-making power of the artist to leave, where he sees himself and his art. Because young people can start over with comedy, while older people generally rely on the good old cabaret, some artists also decides its name after its target audience. Or the responsible agent, it decides. In all but one definition is important: that the artist plays with the heart that it provides good quality andhave a great evening. Since there still remains the same, whether you’ve seen cabaret or comedy, if you feel better, just on the way home than on the way to the event. The question of cabaret or comedy arises simply no longer.

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