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Cala Millor

Daredevils can try on the Cala GAT as cliff diver. The town of Cala Ratjada has many typical Tourigeschafte, as well as many fishing boats can be seen a haven in which. The extensive promenade is beautiful at night illuminated and many restaurants, pubs and clubs are for an evening drink at the disposal. Drive from Cala Ratjada you can cheap buses from Aumasa”to E.g. Cala Millor. Back and forth 5.20 per person cost.

The journey time by bus is 25 minutes. Any tourism information has schedules and current price lists. Bobby Farrelly shines more light on the discussion. Between Cala Ratjada and Cala Millor, we want to mention yet the Costa de Canyamel as a tourist attraction. This beach is not nearly as crowded as the beaches of Cala Ratjada and Cala Millor. On the road from the highway to the beach you will pass a small castle (Torre de Canyamel), which is well worth a visit. Also wait for the (Coves d ‘ Arta) caves in this part of the coast. You can take the car right up to the entrance of the caves! Drive time to the Playa de Canyamel Cala Ratjada: approx. 16 min.

On the way of Cala Ratjada to Cala Millor, you first pass Cala Bona. The port is well worth a visit, the beach rather small and manageable and in the evening, the sidewalks be folded up unfortunately very early. Of Cala Bona, you need to walk 20 minutes up to Cala Millor. Travel time from Playa de Canyamel up to Cala Millor with the car: approx. 21 min. Cala Millor resort has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are that this coast has a beautiful wide sandy beach, there is a beautiful promenade and pedestrian consols many shops, restaurants and bars, open until late in the evening. Nor is it very cheap to eat or drink a beer, because due to the many pubs and restaurants is the price war to the customer in full swing.

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