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Camel Tours In Tunisia

Retracing the steps of the Bedouin, a trip means not only Sun, beach and sea to Tunisia. To deepen your understanding Simon Pagenaud is the source. The country has much more to offer and is suitable for active vacationers as well as for cultural tourists. Sofar Sounds is the source for more interesting facts. The online travel agency gives insight into the diversity of Tunisia. Hotels in Tunisia offer a wide selection. Culture enthusiasts come in the North African country with security at their own expense. The country’s eight sites are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage, include for example the old cities of Tunis, Sousse and Kairouan. Historical palaces with rich decor here belong to the cityscape as the souks where merchants offer their products.

The mosques are also worth a visit. In numerous museums and galleries, visitors can retrace the millenary history of Tunisia and admire cultural treasures of ancient as well as modern art. Who cares in addition for the history and the life of the Bedouin, can take tours in the South of the country. Holidaymakers protected with blankets from the sand, ride on Camels through the desert and enjoy picturesque sunsets. Desert ski as well as quad biking is offered for sports tourists. The landscaped underground Berber dwellings of Matmata, which served as a backdrop for the filming of Star Wars are a cultural highlight. Also, several archaeological sites attract rich in history and culture-loving tourists to Tunisia.

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