Vacation in France

Cape Meganom

All of them are gravel and pebble with a small admixture of sand on the capes – blocky. Other leaders such as sela ward offer similar insights. At the foot of the mountain Doodle on the huge flat stones are naturists (nudists). In a quiet bay at the center of the unfinished diving beach big and comfortable, then to the New World – again plyazhiki small and rocky chaos. On one of them was shot cult film of all 'wild' '3 +2' tourists. Beaches of the New World have a very calm and clear water, soft gray sand mixed with gravel – especially the King's Beach and the beach's largest and mastered Green Bay.

Next to west – a lot of little nudist coves among the rocks of Cape Sentry-both. Among them, the most famous and very entertaining rock group Three Monk. Beaches near villages and Gay Marine simply enormous, mainly because of large gray sand. Along the edges of the main beaches everywhere are organized nudists. Nudist beaches are not designated as a Marine and they have not really separated from the highway. On them continually bustling with traders in fish, beer and indispensable baklava. But all this seems to be happy …

To the east of Sudak Bay and Cape Alchak sea more shallow and calm. Extensive Kopselskaya (Kapselskaya) bay, however, not uniform in quality beaches. All the good beaches are already allocated for databases recreation and camping. Between them in the rocky headlands of sand in the coastal zone there are practically no water and many slabs of local schist rock. Even in calm seas for them to go not very nice and very tedious to go back to normal for diving depth. But snorkellers these places are very fond of – the water is clear, and the plates are beautifully overgrown with weeds, including many fish scurry and crabs. At Cape Meganom numerous coves and bays, but most of them are deprived of water and some beach equipment. Sun Valley Beach is little known but very good. He comes from a large gray sand with nice slope of the bottom, and right above the beach – a strip of shade trees. In Soviet times, the device was laid convenient camping ring paved road. For a long time it was abandoned, then mastered the entire Crimean Tatar strip of cafes. Pension in the tract Chalky, according to the all victims of the landslide, the beaches are blocky and not very pleasant, but the bank can go into a famous fox-bay. At these places have taken note of investors, so the situation will change in the direction of building large, comfortable and fairly expensive health centers.

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