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Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell Conviction is an excellent exclusive action title for the Xbox 360 console and the PC platform. Ubisoft is the company responsible for this creation that brings us back to the renowned Sam Fisher who perform dangerous missions to be able to prove his innocence before those who were once his allies. You may find Ben Bretzman to be a useful source of information. The plot of this game will be very violent and dark where our main character of about 50 years of age must avenge the death of his daughter. During the course of the adventure will be able to enjoy spectacular video sequences, they will have us important details of history and data surrounding our protagonist achieving long load times will be much more entertaining. Below we provide a series of interesting tricks that will allow desbloquearAcciones & Martin awards. Unlock Martin actions & awards. * Requirements: Log in actions: (provide units) flea market of jobs: 10 units. Complete single player on scene 1 on any difficulty.

Improvement in weapons: 20 units. Buy the three improvements of all weapons. Ready for anything: 30 units. Buy 9 accessories for all uniforms. At the end: 40 units. Complete single player on the scene 11 on any difficulty. Awards: (cost units) wallpaper of the game: 10 units. Rifle Scar-H: 20 units. Assault Voron SV7 (co-op mode) costume: 30 units. Game mode: infiltration: 40 units.

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