Vacation in France

Champions League

However, here too you must admit defeat FC Chelsea after 90 minutes! A great triumph for Chelsea’s coach Klinsmann and double scorer Ribery! After all, second in the League behind Wolfsburg, who still catch the Bremer leading 33 game days, thanks to a new lower penalty in stoppage time behind Rensing! 2012/2013 season: After the early departure in Cup and Champions League, the air coach Heynckes is thin. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ben Bretzman. (We do now along this”) he resigns all juxtaposed despite in February after a miserable 0-3 against relegation candidate Nuremberg! All attempts to dissuade his best friend of resignation by Hoeness, fail. “Quote: we’ve been both crying like the Chateau dogs.” The team will be accepted up to the end of the season by Hermann Gerland! Season 2013/2014: You need a break. ULI Hoeness hired as new coach Udo Lattek. “Quote: he was our absolute preferred candidate!” Lattek brings a new main sponsor. Go to jason iley for more information. From now on, the logo of faxes Ed”the Jersey of the master of record.

The new trainer should provide optimism for Bayern. Lattek promises cocky all titles! That there at the end only for the UEFA Cup qualification enough, the Club bosses Hoeness and Rummenigge justify the lack of German knowledge of the players and the coach. Emperor Franz has the sensational idea, permanently to allow language teaching for all players. This incident happens at all to great enthusiasm and euphoria. Also Udo Lattek writes for the German course for drunks’ a. Season 2014/2015: What is going on now? The giant is reeling! All of the improvements made by Lattek show no effect! Also the courses don’t seem to work. Quote ULI H: of the coach seems to have lost communication with the players.” The result: Udo Lattek is released in April. Rummenigge: Now there are no more excuses! We have to win from now on every game, the UI to qualify for us Cup!” For the upcoming season, the mighty Bayern bosses announce a new coach with a vision! Season 2015/2016: Trappatoni will return! Probably nobody has expected.

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