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Charles Lindholm

It has been misunderstood the term charisma, considering it as a halo of personality of strength, beauty and power. In reality the charismatic leader is one who focused on relationships, sorts and uses commitment their talents, gifts and resources, for the benefit of others, allowing them to grow and evolve. To read more click here: Robert Rimberg New York. The charismatic obligation of all leaders does not then mean manipulation, physical coercion or moral or conditioning to achieve a goal that only favors an individual – which is generally above – it is safe that great leaders have had a capacity of oratory can move minds and hearts towards engagement, however, this is just a (don) that the individual has received and quality which is putting at the service of others. Charisma – writes the anthropologist at Harvard, Charles Lindholm – is an emotional tie inexplicable and compulsive. Even when you think that charisma is intrinsic to the individual, only you can reveal in interaction with others. Charisma, said Lindholm, is above all a relationship or fusion between being inside of the leader and the follower. And end what is charisma? Ramos asks, in this respect says, that when a human being discover their gifts and talents and develops them, his life filled with energy, enthusiasm, passion and faith. For even more details, read what Jorge Perez says on the issue.

Is for this reason that is usually describe the charismatic leader as a being with a special energy alo. Filled with clear purposes leader, achieved that those people missed in its North, are a light who wish to pursue. That light is the leader who displays a path (Vision). This personal magnetism that the leader has, manifests itself in different ways and in different individuals, but reveals itself especially in the moments that others are unable to act. The charismatic leader is filled with energy and is who acts first. The charisma or personal magnetism is not something that appears overnight overnight or that has nothing to do with the character, position or experience.

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