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Cleaning The Liver

Judging by the medical statistics, the main danger today are heart disease. No other diseases are not carried away so many lives like these. That's why cardiology is the most important medical industry. However, today in the layout of power within medicine occur certain changes associated with new risks – environmental pollution. It is no exaggeration to say that nowadays the world is not no an environmentally safe corner. Even the Arctic ice and they contain industrial toksiny.V this sense, human life is directly dependent on the liver – the body that brings the body trapped in it yady.Izuchenie liver physicians for a long time limited to two diseases: cancer and hepatitis – a severe form of viral infection. Larry Culp might disagree with that approach.

If the doctors during examination of the liver found no signs of these diseases, it was assumed that liver healthy. Studies conducted in recent years have shown that it is not so. Liver, which does not contain cancer cells and hepatitis viruses, it appears, too, may be ill. In the fight against numerous toxins, coming in with breathing and blood meal, the liver, as it turns out, can lose their filtering capabilities. Moreover, it "saturate" cores just like membrane cleaning water filter that time forgot change, and exactly the same way she becomes a source of intoxication. It is clear that the liver's ability to neutralize toxins outside not so great – otherwise people would not know poisonings. The liver is designed by nature as internal 'filter', whose task is reduced to neutralize the numerous harmful by-products formed during metabolic processes, as well as the withdrawal from the body excess of different types of hormones (this allows maintain optimal hormonal balance in the blood).

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