Vacation in France

Clemens Baader

Even who just is to reduce his weight, the Christmas goose on the hips and the good intentions of Sylvester in the head, can you “lean cuisine” without bad certain feast. And without any loss in relation to good taste. A win not only for the guests. Also in some restaurant, so the one or the other too often orphaned Chair can be filled regularly. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jorge Perez. The concept of lean cuisine is the best way to establish itself as a popular pleasure variant not against, but in addition to the usual offerings of food. “This company offers a free basic membership under one common brand bodycur for all interested restaurants: bodycur lean cuisine”.

Slim is registration and the receipt of all this required documentation and materials quickly and around to the watch via the website possible. From afar, then even the rushing past guest in future recognize that “participating restaurants on the logo: at the front door, in the showcase, in the advertisement on the Internet, that means pabulum”? Absolutely not! No diet”, not a salad with Turkey strips. The chef committed employees with this philosophy in the back can and should unleash their individuality and creativity. According to their own ideas, they develop new recipes under the auspices of the food and preparation recommendations. Who always still does not believe it, to try of course at home. In the book, master chef of lean cuisine”, published by Kosmos-Verlag, Clemens Baader has written down a good cross-section of the soup of starters, main courses and desserts.

Developed, tested and served under real-world conditions in a gourmet kitchen. “What should be done, if it the lean cuisine” do not exist in the vicinity? Very simple: ask In the favorite restaurant and create suction. So, so some innovation has found its way. uberlingen, in January 2010 Frank Boerner

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