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Clemens Weber

Then a lid lock is inserted in the first eye to be treated, to prevent the patient from to blink. Now the suction or vacuum ring used on the eye, to stabilize and to control. This suction ring, the microkeratome (cutting tool) used in the next step. In the modern Femto LASIK is used instead of the knife of the Femtolaser. Now, the corneal flap is created. It is not something real-estate developer would like to discuss.

With the microkeratome and the Femtolaser is an incision in the cornea and the result is a thin flap of a thickness of approximately 0.16 mm. This disc is flipped then set aside. The now exposed layers are covered in the next step with the excimer laser. This corneal tissue is removed. This laser process takes only a few seconds. Both eyes be treated one at a time.

Then the flap is folded back again by the doctor and this sucks immediately set and blinzeln fixed after a few minutes. The patient should consider touch not his eye in the hours and days after carried out eye laser treatment and rub. Also the patient must conscientiously and regularly the eyedrops prescribed by the doctor apply to exclude a possible infection or inflammation. The eye laser surgery is outpatient surgery. The patient is not obliged to spend the night in the hospital. Rather the patient can go directly after the first follow-up after surgery home. The following day, the OP will take place after the second follow-up. Here, the surgeon checks that the Hornhautflap sits perfectly and threw no wrinkles. Anyone on the Internet can find plenty more information on the various eye laser procedures. Before the decision for a laser eye surgery, all pros and cons should be carefully weighed.

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