Vacation in France


For: Gabriela Costa and Sherlen Oliveira (authors of the article) SUMMARY In this work revealed a sustainable form of if using organic material remaining portions (rinds of fruits, vegetables and vegetables). This reutilizao was made through a biodigestor, getting as resulted biogs that it can be used as combustible for engines of internal combustion, in refrigerators, for the generation of electric energy among others, and the biofertilizante that can be used to recoup empobrecidas agricultural lands in nutrients for the excess or continuous inorgnicos fertilizer use, propagating bad I do not smell, being rich in nitrogen, very devoid substance in the ground, beyond being an agent of combat to the erosion, because it keeps the ecological balance holding back bigger amount of pluvial water. Word-key: Support, clean Energy, organic, biodigestor residue. 1. INTRODUCTION all the garbage that if he originates from an alive being, either vegetal or animal it, receives the denomination from organic garbage. This is a type of garbage that, in a generalized manner, if produces in the houses, companies, schools, restaurants, hotels, for the proper nature; as organic garbage examples can be cited the remaining portions of meats, egg fruits, vegetables, rinds, seeds, bones, that is, all the organic food leftovers and more paper, work with wood, etc. Are necessary that if it has much attention how much to the destination to be given to this organic garbage, a time that if left in the nature can bring harmful consequences to the human beings, as it is the case of bad I smell, sprouting of insects and rats, development of fungos and bacteria. As result of everything this, several are the illnesses that can appear having as cause the contamination of the water and the ground. The garbage badly conditioned means pollution ambient, thus being able, to cause risks to the health of the population. Great cities generate great amounts of residues, that is, how much bigger the population biggest the amount of generated residues.

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