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Corporate Evening

'Rent-a-Bar' is a set of highly quality services in a bar catering since 2002, namely, the bartender shows a pyramid of champagne glasses, a cocktail bar on-site. Our employees have years of experience in various popular institutions of St. Petersburg, such as the 'Tribunal Bar' club 'The Island' Club 'La Beach', 'Maghreb', 'Hold on', 'Papanin "and many others, as well as participated in multiple filming. Each bartender has a degree completion rates by international standards mixology. We can be helpful if you have: * * WEDDING'S BIRTHDAY SHOW * * * PRESENTATION EVENING CORPORATE * NEW YEAR * * CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL COUNTRY HOLIDAY Hill of the glasses would be appropriate as a corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and private, as well as at conferences and presentations. Order for your holiday an amazing spectacle that will leave viewers ravnodushnymi.Tehnicheskaya training takes about 30 minutes, depending on the number of glasses. More information is housed here: Tony Parker. Champagne is poured, a cascade of gold by the glass from top to bottom.

Slide is calculated based on number of guests, most often consists of 50 wine glasses, it is important to build up their glasses in a clear and sharp lines. The shape can be formed from the classic pyramid cylinder. We are ready to discuss the various options. Design options are almost endless cascade. It may just be a multicolored lights, cocktail cherries, candles or flower buds in each of the glasses. At the base of the pyramid of champagne, white vine, cold, smoke, all of this is highlighted with bright, colorful floodlights. At weddings, the last bottle of champagne poured into the couple, this time photographers imprint. The pyramid of champagne glasses – is without a doubt, the decoration of any event.

It is appropriate as corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and private, as well as at conferences and presentations. Barman show removed / / / / Hide images while Galleria is loading $ (' img'). Css ('display', 'none'); / / The proposed bar can not be considered normal – it's show-bar acting with the assistance of the best Bartenders St. Petersburg, who are participants and winners of tenders Barmen of art that make the process of making cocktails in bright unforgettable spectacle. Using all of their professional skills, they are preparing not just cocktails, and true works of art are incredible stunts in the ignition and throwing bottles and many other surprises. Barman show lasts about 6 minutes, while the bartender show juggling bottles, ice, shakers, etc. In the barman show also has elements of pyrotechnics are safe for the room. In the show the bartender plays an important role artistry and spectacle that is the foundation of our performances. So do we have a synchronous bartenders show that will impress every viewer on a holiday. Barman show – it colorfully Barman show – this is a fascinating spectacle Barman show – surprise your guests Barman show – is an art / /> removed

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