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COSTA BLANCA! Spain – Alicante About Bernidorm Until After CALP!

The Costa Blanca – presented with maps, photos and many tips and information. General: This stretch of coastline has enormous contrasts for you. You will see true tourist stronghold (Benidorm) and small secluded fishing villages (Villajoyosa). You will see ancient castles, the centuries uberdauerten, and the highest and most modern hotels in Europe. Combipix hopes that this report help you will well prepare your holidays on the Costa Blanca, or refresh but beautiful holiday memories of this region again. We hope you enjoy it! Your Combipix team. Distances: Alicante to Villajoyosa: approx.

35 km / driving time approx. 40 minutes of Villajoyosa, Benidorm: approx. 13 km / driving time approx. 17 minutes to Albir Benidorm: 8 km / driving time 10 minutes Albir after CALP: approx. 17 km / driving time approx. 25 minutes this card free print? 1st stage: Alicante Villajoyosa after we left Alicante. We slowly lose sight the Castle and the skyscraper and the places that you pass are smaller and smaller. SAVING – tip: you There are two ways to come with the car forward on the Costa Blanca.

You can drive on the Geuhrenpflichtige A-7 motorway or the N-332 highway. Between Alicante and Benidorm you will reach almost as quickly the places on the road like on the highway, only with the difference, that you have saved the toll. Arrived in Villajoyosa there are to visit three main attractions. So let the brightly-painted fisherman’s houses not to be missed, which served the fishermen as orientation, if they were looking for the way back home. A second attraction, the historic core is to mention, as well as a third the ancient city walls. All of them are wonderful photo motifs, which you should not miss. 2nd stage: Villajoyosa after Bernidorm: the progress direction is Benidorm in this section through many curves and traffic lights on the road rather tedious.

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