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Creating a Great Place To Work

In the 2009 version of Great Place to work, the JW Marriott Hotel Lima, ranked first in this international event. Continuing our theme of motivation, there is the question “How to motivate your people, the winners of Grear Place to work? . A bivariate approach to the theory of Herzberg, carried into practice. 1 .- A JW Marriott Lima partners recognize not only thanking you, but with detail, from simple donuts up to special breakfasts. The more I Fair: A written acknowledgment to the efforts and good work of its partners, giving them various economic bonds. Later on, these bonds allow them to compete in fun days of entertainment in which they can win prizes. Development Opportunities: This ensures that the department heads and the executive committee annually develop a succession plan for management positions in business and development plans of each person identified as successor. There has been cases of partners as workers began cleaning and now at another level positions such as warehouse assistant.

. Marriott Award of Excellence: We analyzed the records of those children of partners and rewards the best in each category with vouchers to purchase school supplies. Associate Appreciation Week: We develop weeks of tournaments, talent evenings, meals served by the executive committee and general manager. Internal Practices: A program aimed at any member who wishes to know other area of business. 2 .- IBM subsidiary in Peru.

He has developed educational programs in the company Intranet Dela directed to the children of workers. Maintains post-natal program for parents. Their schedules are flexible. Professional development is cultivated in various specialties. 3 .- Microsoft subsidiary Lima Peru. Let the children of staff to visit the place where their parents are working. Action plans developed and implemented an annual performance bonus. The staff is granted for personal use laptop and mobile phones. In addition to recommending that an outsider is hired they are given an economic incentive. 4 .- Lima Cine Planet Provides a payment of bonuses results. Training courses covered at 100%. Double passes and vouchers monthly consumption. It offers special features for employees and their families. They have devised a primer of free time to attend personal matters. Staff enjoy a combo for snacks. How do they do it. The answer is be creative. The sky is the limit.

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