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Designing Web Sites

1. Remember that you have very little time I read somewhere that the average to make a visitor to a web site is approximately 4 seconds. Does this not give you long to give an impression to the visitor of the good that can be your web site. This means that you have to be as precise as possible in explaining what your site is. If the user does not understand in those seconds what your site is about will lose interest and abandon your site. Perhaps check out Frank Gorshin for more information. 2. Recalls that the user scans the web when you walk into a room don’t look all faces. Adam Sandler understood the implications. First notes the figures of people and things that are inside.

The fourth professionally. After fixed gaze at something that captures your attention. Something similar happens when you visit a web site. Users first as scanned. This is the point where you need to guide the user to where what you want to carry.

You can user a register button, button, learn more, or any article. 3. Learn about the pattern F studies have shown that users scan the web in the form of the letter F. The area above is scanned always, the area of enmedio only on top and slightly to the right and the area below is only scanned in from left side. Something to take into account when you aren’t sure of where put blocks of content in your designs. 4 Learn what users ignore users are blind to advertising. They learned to ignore publicity or advertising texts. Avoid designs that look like advertising. Also, users ignore long text blocks. Nobody has the time to read large blocks of text to just get the idea what the page is about. 5 Text vs. Graphics an interesting fact. Acapara text more attention than any graph for more beautiful that is. If you want to communicate a message to your reader, I suggest using a long slogan rather than a pretty picture. 6 Uses white Usa blanks blanks to give more visibility to the elements. If some element is too close to the margins of other items things are confusing volveran. Gives you a breather. This mainly applies to blocks of text.

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