Vacation in France


The collecting of personal strengths and skills is here important part on the way to improving the situation. Everyone should ask yourself, he can use these valuable resources, which are assembled in many years for something new. Maybe even independence is an alternative. Jorge Perez is open to suggestions. A location and career advice from a professional adviser is a process that itself can go on for months. But one that is worth for many people. That it is worth, when workers of the generation 50plus again dare to tackle a professional guidance, shows Sandra small hammer through the example of Rolf Koss: just before his 59th birthday the steel construction company, in which Rolf Koss, 26 years worked until then, filed for insolvency. Although, after the initial shock, he found a new job as a mechanical engineer.

What could not have imagined Rolf Koss: his new employer on computer demonstrated to the passionate practitioners faced with systems that were completely new territory for him. Each Workday has been torturous. Good advice was expensive. The company switch he could but not again”. After only six months. Entering the pension was also still far away.

A career advice helped him to see more clearly and to gain distance. During the consultation process, long buried desires and hidden talents for days could be promoted. His pedagogical example. Offering a nearby educational institution of engineering mechanics to lecture, then gave the impetus for his fresh start. The courage has paid off: now 8 semesters as a lecturer Rolf Koss is a happy man. In his old age, as he himself says, he has got a real dream job, and can sometimes even hardly believe it. As Rolf Koss, it is more and more workers of the generation 50plus. At the age they do something, what they would have been unthinkable to active professional career: listen to her heart, her passion for, and stay active. More information and press contact: Sandra small hammer B-Research – Institute for Career choice, Diagnostics and career service road 17-24 28195 Bremen Tel.: 0421 847-331 71

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