Vacation in France

Dietmar Dramsch Chateau

Who has not even secretly dreamed to spend his next holiday in a castle? This dream is for young and old, equally available and coming again and again. Chateau de Launay conveys to live feeling like God in France, and to be able to perceive a break, you can never forget. The castle is completely preserved and so the tradition and modernity in perfect harmony are brought, which is fascinating and has a very special charm, which you can not to evade. The change from the present into the past is true, without that you would have to forgo the usual amenities. This holiday on the castle is suitable for couples but also for families. The surrounding nature, which convinces with blooming flowers, old oak trees and a garden, offers the possibility of walks to the often stressful everyday, take a deep breath and to collect new energy.

The magic of nature captures the visitors, and offers pure Relaxation as you can hardly to find them elsewhere. Certainly you could see every holiday on a Palace or a castle, as something special, but the unique charm of this four apartments gives one the opportunity to experience the typical French way of life. The apartments have been restored in loving detail work. You have the choice. These are the four apartments, locate which meets your personal wishes and needs perfect and enjoy not only the excellent French cuisine, which conveys the typical way of life of the country, but also the feeling for the local inhabitants of the land to be welcome. Each of the apartments has your very own style.

The Chateau de Launay on the land is situated, this holiday on the castle for families is suitable. Children here will have the opportunity to explore the history, to fantasy, and can move freely and unencumbered, and experience nature. The apartments are comfortably furnished, and yet authentically and tastefully furnished, so that you can feel at home. This holiday in paradise, is not just a holiday, it’s the fulfillment of a dream. Enjoy your stay in a former noble Court from the 15th century, which, was used at this time by the noble family of Rouxel as a border fortification of Brittany. The existing moat can still be admired although he is no longer as protection used, but is a witness of the past, which brings the life of former residents closer to one.

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