Vacation in France

Emperor Peter

And by 1700 followed by a Supreme Decree of the Emperor Peter the one that all the lands, forests, and all land to repair, and all the inhabitants of villages along the rivers Obve, Ylva and Kosve give an everlasting possession Count Grigory Stroganov eminent. Since that time, free peasants became serfs priobvinskogo edge. As additional manpower, Stroganov relocated from their estates in the province Russian serfs, Zyrians, Tatars, Voguls, Mordovians and others. He gave them the freedom to settle who is where he wants, but not require any dues to furnishing and rooting. As you know, fans of easy profits at the expense of the natural resources of the Urals and cheap labor are not only Stroganoff and Demidov, but also all sorts of Shuvalov, Golitshins, Lazarev, and others rich feudal lord – serf VA Vsevolzhsk in 1773 bought one ninth of the Stroganov estates for 300 rubles. Vsevolzhsk barony was in Okhansk, Solikamsk, Kungur Verkhoturye and counties of the Perm province. Its holdings treated and Christmas village, Zyukayskoe and others.

The peasants were serfs Karagai parish Count Stroganoff. Becoming the sole masters of huge land of Perm and having a cheap labor force Stroganoff and Vsevolzhsk and others launched a broad construction of the ironworks, ironworks, constructed salt pans in Solikamsk, Pozhve, Sludke, Verkhoturye. In 1783, Baron Alexander Stroganov was Elizabeth built – Nerdvinsky ironworks in s.Nerdva, productivity 6000 tons of iron per year. They enjoyed full rights, they had their own laws and practices, its administration and even its army.

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